Star zodiac globe
Star zodiac globe

Star zodiac globe

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A desktop map of the night sky between the hours 7pm and 5am. The globe shows the main constellations as they appear in the sky from the Earth's vantage point.

Locate the required North or South latitude on the map printed on the box.

Set the dial on the outer right hand rim (West direction) to the selected latitude by winding till the pointer aligns. Melbourne is around 40 degrees South. Each small white mark represents 5 degrees.

Set the date and time - Hold the outer rim (horizon) at North point in the one hand then use other hand to rotate the globe to align the time and date.This can be easier by using your right hand on the bottom section of the globe only as it may be slightly stiff the first time it is rotated. You may need to readjust the latitude after this step as it may move slightly (you might hear clicks as you rotate the globe which is the latitude wheel shifting).

The time line is fixed and the upper and lower section of the globe move together around it.

To identify stars in a certain direction: To stargaze East, look in that direction (use small compass on rim to get orientation if necessary) then hold the starglobe with the E symbol on the outer rim pointing towards you. Repeat for other directions.

If you hold starglobe above your head with the compass facing down you get a general view of the sky's arch. You can locate the direction using the compass points on the rim (horizon). The keychain flashlight can be used at night to read the star globe. The stand allows the star globe to be used as a desk/room ornament when not in use for viewing/identification of the stars.

Age: 10+

Sold individually.

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